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Responsible Travel

We feel a huge responsibility to make sure we treat people, places and animals with respect.

We know our guests do too.

Being responsible doesn't mean huge gestures or lots of money. If each person does their bit then we can really help to ensure we preserve the places we visit and the cultures we interact with.


Our scheduled small group tours operate with a minimum group size of 6 and a maximum group size of 12 guests. By specialising only in small groups we reduce the impact on the destinations we visit and it means that when we stay in environmentally sensitive areas and interact with local cultures, we do not leave a large footprint from our tours.


Wherever possible we choose to use locally owned hotels and lodges ensuring that local communities gain a direct economic benefit from our business through employment and tourism. We try our best to avoid large chains and more commercial properties unless the location dictates that we must, in which case we always ensure they use local staff so that the benefits are still felt within the community.


On each of our small group tours there is a dedicated tour leader who escorts the group. We also employ local guides for each activity, which not only benefits the community directly through employment but is also of great value to our guests as they gain valuable insights. Their experience is enriched with the true expertise from people who live in the area, and reveals how their tourism is benefiting the places we visit.


On all game drives, we remind our guests that we are the visitors and that we do not want our presence to impact the wildlife or their environment in any way. We are always accompanied by fully trained and qualified guides who will ensure that our groups understand how to interact with wildlife appropriately. The feeding of animals is strictly prohibited.


In many of the areas that we visit, water is a very scarce resource. Our guests are encouraged to be conscious of their individual water usage and not to take long showers or waste water. On small group tours we provide a pocket hand sanitiser before the trip so that they can reduce water usage when washing their hands, and all guests are discouraged from taking a bath over a shower. If the drinking water is unsafe or scarce, our guests are encouraged to purchase water in bulk rather than single use plastic bottles.


When we visit local craft markets we encourage our guests to barter in a friendly and respectful manner but ask them to remember that this is likely to be their only source of income. Our advice is not to bargain too hard over what may only be $1 to you but is worth a lot more to them. Buying local crafts is a great way to support the local community, and we encourage our guests to buy smaller wooden carvings rather than large pieces in an effort to conserve the woodland areas.


A small donation from the profits of each group tour is made to an anti-poaching unit called the Black Mambas, the first majority female anti-poaching unit in the World. Their objectives are the protection of rhinos with boots on the ground and by being a role model in their communities. These 22 women and 1 man want their communities to understand that the benefits are greater in conservation than poaching, addressing the social and moral decay that is a product of the rhino poaching. More information can be found at


Being environmentally friendly starts at home, and as such we operate a virtual office to reduce the impact on the environment from having a separate office. We recognise the need to reduce overall paper usage in travel documentation and as such have partnered with Vamoos, a travel app, which allows our guests to refer to their itinerary on their smart phones and therefore they will not need to print it. This is implemented for all types of holidays from small group tours to tailor-made private trips.

Read our full policy here

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