Our People

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Our people are very important to us!

We vet everyone we work with to ensure you only get the best of the best. Here's just a few of our on the ground superstars and UK team for you to get to know.

Sam Selles

Sam Sellers ~ Founder & Operations Director

Having spent time growing up in South Africa as a child, Sam quickly fell in love with the beautiful scenery and the awe of being on safari. Her memories of weekend game drives into the Kruger in a clapped out old car with no air con quickly fuelled a desire for exploration and adventure across the continent as soon as she was old enough, and not much has changed! After 15 years on the corporate ladder working in finance, Sam decided to set up Take Me To Africa with the sole purpose of breaking down preconceptions and spreading the love for Africa by showing people how truly spectacular it is, in a luxury style that doesn't break the bank! Sam is our lead tour guide and designs all our itineraries based on first hand experience.


Frank Watts ~ Kruger Safari Guide

Frank has worked in the tourism industry for over 28 years; nearly 26 of them in the Kruger National Park. He holds the highest guiding qualification possible and has guided in the Park on foot and in open safari vehicles, working for South African Parks and some of the biggest tour operators in the industry. Frank received international fame via YouTube and National Geographic as the guide who witnessed an epic wildlife interaction now known as “The Battle at Kruger”.  His profound knowledge of his country and its inhabitants add an interesting dimension to the safari and his love of people ensure that a safari with him will be an unforgettable experience.


Sam Mhlanga ~ Kruger Safari Guide

Sam was born and raised in a village close to the Kruger National Park, and he quickly developed an understanding and deep respect for the fauna and flora which played an intricate role in his young life. Although Sam received formal education at school, he was also taught the ways of his African culture by his parents. This has stood him in good stead as a guide and he is able to share information about his customs based on first-hand knowledge. His charming accent and genuine smile endear him very quickly to his guests. His many years of experience as a guide in the Kruger National Park and obvious love of his profession will ensure that your time with him will be richly remembered for a long, long time..

Whitewater Kayaker

Philani Moyo ~ Victoria Falls Activity Specialist & Guide

Resident to the locale surrounding the fabulous Victoria Falls, Philani started his white-water rafting career in 1995 on the Zambezi and is an expert in rafting, kayaking and river boarding. He has rafted and kayaked over 30 rivers around the world. He is a  fuent speaker of English & Italian and his goal is to be in the next Kayaking and Rowing Olympic. He has done over 10 world kayaking Championships around the world. His knowledge of the activities available in the area and the best companies to do them with allow us to build amazing itineraries filled with unforgettable moments.

Matt ~ Private Safari Guide (Sausage Tree Camp - one of our favourites)


Matthew is truly a ‘bushman’. He was raised on a nearby game reserve, following the footsteps of his father and grandfather by worrying their mothers and running wild in the bush. He later became a field guide on his family’s reserve, where he began to share his love of wildlife and nature. Itching to learn more, he took on a very exclusive scholarship, in which he spent two and a half years living in a tent in the bush with no electricity and no weapons! During this period of his life, he learned from master trackers, some of the highest qualified guides in the country, and had plenty of close encounters which now make for great stories around the fire after dinner. Matthew has a diverse knowledge far beyond the famous ‘Big 5’. He will teach you about the plants, birds, conservation, photography, tracking, and even the stars.


Themba ~ Private Safari Tracker (Sausage Tree Camp)

Themba has been tracking for Sausage Tree Safari Camp for over eight years and knows every rock, tree and probably every blade of grass too. His eagle eyes ensure our guests miss no animals during the day and armed with his spotlight the same applies at night, including spotting green coloured chameleons on green leafed bushes. His tracking ability on and off the vehicle enables us to find key sightings deep in the bush that would otherwise remain undetected. He is always happy to show you tracks and explain them to you . You cant miss Themba as he always has that big, big smile... and he mixes a mean gin and tonic too! 


Terence ~ Wine Lord

The only man you need to show you the best of Stellenbosch and make sure you get home safely! A lover of all things wine, Terence has been guiding for 6 years in total with the last 2 years being dedicated to wine, wine, wine. He loves the African sunshine, MCC (South Africa's version of champagne) and a good Shiraz, and is on a mission to educate the world on drinking great wines and banish the bad ones. Having grown up in Johannesburg in the 1980s, Terence enjoys living near the coast now and has a lot of knowledge about the different cultures across the country. His passion and dedication to ensuring his guests have a great time and learn a little along the way has quickly promoted him to Operations Director of our favourite wine tasting partner.

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